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Las Vegas USA
Las Vegas USA

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Vegas Casino Online
Vegas Casino Online

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Roulette Winning Strategy Secrets

A winning Roulette Strategy is the dream of any player. An average gambler will tell you that there is no widely known roulette winning strategy. If there is one, then its secret is strictly kept!

But in any game there is always room to improve your game. In roulette there are also some rules that will help you increase your winnings and this is the key to a good roulette winning strategy.

The first rule of our roulette winning strategy section is about ratios. When entering a casino you will have a certain sum in your wallet. Let's say you have $100, then a sound money management system is for you to aim to win at least 50% of this bankroll, and stop if you lose 50%.

Rule 2 of the roulette winning strategy is about counting red and black numbers in your wagers or simply about betting principles.

Each column has a different quantity of red and black numbers and you can use this to your advantage. Put a bet on red numbers and on the first and the second columns.

Now let's count your probabilities to win. When a ball lands onto the wagered column numbers you win. Should it lands onto a red slot on these two columns you will win even more.

True the ball may drop into the third column, but the third column has 8 red numbers. So when a ball does land onto a red slot, you win again. The only time you will lose on this wager is when the ball lands onto a black slot of the third column.

Some game play rules that effect the roulette winning strategy include the en prison rule. In the US you can hardly find a casino offering such an option, but it exists online at via a French Roulette variant.

En prison is a part of the even numbers bet. It works after a ball lands on the zero slot. A player can take half of the initial bet or leave the bet for the next spin.

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